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Regal Jewellery Manufacture Co Ltd and DE Art Agency LLC signed a strategic partnership agreement to

A group photo with the winners was taken with the judges and business partners

(Photo/Provided by the organizer)

Regal Jewelry Manufacture Co Ltd - KY(4807), the first jewelry-listed company in Taiwan, the general manager Ms Lin Ru-Yin has led Thailand Regal Jewelry to expand the European and American jewelry market for more than 30 years. In 2020, Regal Jewelry Manufacture Co Ltd created “D.Vita Designing Dreams” as a platform for designers through its subsidiary in Taiwan. D.Vita applies the three concepts of “love and sharing,” “cross-border cooperation,” and “joint creation” to bring together the 1% of each creative designer’s strength to achieve extraordinary visions. “D.Vita Designing Dreams” penetrates the market through “Star Search and Selection” and “Building Stars and Building Dreams” captures the international market through digital marketing and cross-border methods, and launches an online fashion shopping platform “, ReModa”. D.Vita Star Search will enter its second year. Regal Jewelry Manufacture Co. Ltd. has signed a strategic partnership agreement with DE Art Agency LLC to provide business opportunities for Taiwanese jewelry designers, incorporating international creative art and business support for jewelry exhibitions and overseas award applications.

Photo: Finalists’ design display

Wu Xiao-Ping (Jill Wu), the designer brand behind “One N Only,” was declared the first D.Vita Design Star Search winner. On the day of the presentation, the managing director of Regal Jewelry Manufacture Co. Ltd. gave away a round-trip ticket to Thailand and a short-term training and development programme at the Thai factory of the company. Jill Wu’s sister attended the award ceremony despite Jill’s illness. Designers Zhou Wan-Ying and Li-Ting Peng were the other finalists.

Ku Chi-Chun, the founder of DE Art Agency, urged aspiring designers to pursue their ambitions of transforming into butterflies without being afraid of hardships. She believes that pursuing your ideas demands a great deal of passion, whether it involves jewelry creation or pure art. Ku Chi-Chun is also an artist, and she understands the struggles and difficulties faced by those who pursue careers as artists. All these skills require time to hone and develop from conception to market, from an individual to a team.

Photo: Managing Director’s Speech

DE Art Agency LLC’s international development services provide comprehensive international art consultancy services, private auction services, and one-on-one consultation. Utilizing the marketing channels, commercial ability and tools of DE Art Agency, we can provide virtual and physical solutions, product model analysis, brand planning and community editorial subscription to support the growing demand and commercialization of art and design in Taiwan.

D.Vita Design Dream’s design line combines art exhibition operations to enter an upgraded version of the “Art and Design Collaboration Program 2.0”. It tackles the shortage of market concepts among art and design experts, reinforces the systematic and comprehensive nature, and expands Taiwan’s art and design landscape through a thorough training programme on multiple levels.

Regal Jewelry Manufacture Co. Ltd. made nearly NT$2.1 billion in revenue in 2021. It serves as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for designing, developing, and producing numerous well-known international brands in Europe and the US.

“D.Vita Design Dreams” has chosen several up-and-coming designers who have finished their education and are headed for employment, entrepreneurship, or an international career path. Aspiring designers are chosen using three set design concepts, after which they begin an “accelerated training” phase that offers practical training in everything from design concepts, 3D modelling, product sampling and new product launches. According to the DE Art Agency’s recommendations, the annual D.Vita Star Search will choose artists from various fields. For Taiwanese artists and designers to broaden their horizons and acquire a global perspective, Regal Jewelry Manufacture Co. Ltd. is also willing to provide internship and training opportunities in international brand creative design.

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