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Future Artist Stars FellowShip 


Overseas Internship

Program Introduction

The program's goal is to develop Taiwanese designers' and artists' talents while allowing us to observe the creativity of the Taiwanese design culture. The chosen art and design stars will receive a 90-hour virtual, short-term internship with an international company that combines "work from home" with "vocational training." During the internship, artists and designers can copyright or publish and license their original works. A reference letter and a work certificate from the international company will be provided upon completion of the internship. Currently, our partner companies have short-term art and design training agreements with more than 20 foreign universities and 170 businesses from more than 60 different countries and cities.


This program is the best opportunity for artists and designers to establish their portfolios during practical training. While you're still young and free of obligations, you can use the selected programme to evaluate your capabilities; you can put your skills to the test, discover your potential, and research your professional interests and ambitions. It is an excellent opportunity to develop professionalism, learn how to get along with colleagues, and build interpersonal relationships. All these elements can improve your resume and serve as a building block for your future career. According to studies, up to 85% of employers choose full-time workers from among applicants who have internship or related experience. In today's increasingly interconnected world, professionals in the arts and design can benefit from this programme by broadening their horizons, developing relationships of trust and teamwork with peers from around the globe, and understanding and assimilating diverse cultural backgrounds. Overseas  internships will make it simpler for them to find employment in multinational corporations once they graduate.


Finally,  the graduate will be given a certificate, and you will also get an official certificate for your internship and a letter of recommendation from your employer! Most internships available for training abroad are in design, administration, and other related fields. For exceptional opportunities and arrangements, please get in touch with our professional staff.

Registration Candidates:

  • For college students and adults above 18 years old

  • Advanced English proficiency required (approximately IELTS 6, EFL Advanced, TOEIC 800)

  • Previous work experience is desirable (but not required, subject to availability)

  • English curriculum vitae autobiography

  • English portfolio

  • Related fields in arts and design disciplines for students or graduates


Recruitment Process:

  • Taiwanese graduates have a one-on-one consultation with DE Art Agency Consultants

  • Submission of interview materials (English autobiography, resume, portfolio, English proficiency certificate)

  • After the preliminary screening, students will attend a remote interview with a foreign company fully in English.

  • After the interview, the selected candidate signs an internship contract with the company and begins 90 hours of internship training.

  • After completing the internship, a certificate of workability, a letter of recommendation from the enterprise, and a training certificate will be issued.



  • Develop 21st Century skills that are critical and essential

  • Able to acquire experience with innovative implementation

  • Achieve self-fulfilment by exploring your talents and potential

  • Strengthen international connections by participating in overseas internships

  • Expand your network in a cost-effective and flexible way

  • Get a quality resume from overseas training and a letter of recommendation from companies

  • Have the opportunity to have your work applied to products by companies

  • Enjoy overseas work experience without traveling abroad

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