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Ariel Chen, a Taiwanese artist, has been invited to Art Brussel, Belgium

The official opening of the Art3f Art Fair in Brussels, Belgium, took place on 26th November 2022. With the theme of contemporary art, this fair brings together many new elements of culture representing various countries. The aim is to build an international cultural event in Europe and create a phenomenal hub for contemporary art.

As a therapeutical artist affiliated with DE Art Agency and Monat Gallery in Spain, Ariel Chen made a spectacular debut at the exhibition alongside artists from around the world, exploring the future of art and anticipating more breakthroughs. According to the manager of Monat Gallery, Ariel Chen’s pieces caught their attention from the beginning.

Born in Changhua, Taiwan, in 1987 and raised in Tainan, Ariel Chen is a self-taught artist. When she was a year old, she left her family of origin. Ariel has always loved art, but because her family disapproved, she didn’t pursue a profession in the arts; instead excelled as a hairstylist. It was not until a severe illness almost took her life at 32 that she became determined to break through all her fears and limitations and pursue her dream. Since then, she has been intensively researching the creative processes of various international artists.

Ariel’s dreams are her source of inspiration. She possesses the talent for being sensitive and perceptive towards the emotions of others and her surroundings. Almost every night, she has dreams about her experiences during the day. Her dreams incorporate stories from her clients, the divine force of the universe and her inner thoughts. When the time is right, she recreates the traces of her dreams with available materials to create an art piece. Art is the switch that opens up connections between her dreams, the cosmos and her inner self in a more profound way.

Ariel Chen claims that she was partially cognizant when she was creating art. She nearly seems to be watching herself as another person while she is creating as her soul exists outside of her body. She does not draft her art or think beforehand but lets her creative energy flow and be directed by her hand. Ariel frequently expresses various emotions and energy using the seven chakra colours. She often blends the colours with alcohol. The alcohol drips and flows on the art, representing energy’s movement and pulse.

Despite being a sensitive child growing up, Ariel Chen overcame all social constraints and condemnation to start her artistic career. She showcases her art fearlessly without constraints, rules or regulations. She wants her audience to experience freedom and empathy towards their state of mind.

In an interview, Ariel Chen said, “Dreams are my main source of inspiration, maybe because I am more sensitive to mystical phenomena than most people. People or events that I encounter during the day appear in my dreams almost every day at night. I perceive the energies in my dreams and translate them onto a flat canvas. When I am creating, I feel my soul leaving my body and watch myself paint as someone. I let go of my inner self; I don’t think or sketch. I paint with anything available, including chopsticks, stones, and even my fingertips, and frequently render the state of energy with alcohol using chakras as an expression of my work. The flow of the alcohol alludes to the energy’s distribution and rhythm in the picture. I hope the painting’s unspoken sentiments elicit the emotions of the spectators who can also appreciate the freedom it portrays.”

As the wealthiest European country, this upcoming edition of the Belgium Art Fair depicts new international trends. Currently, non-academic artists are exploring art, and its limitations further integrate the concept of art between the past and the future. Art Brussel Contemporary Fair has given Ariel Chen the opportunity to be prominent in the exhibition. Her series of works displayed cool and refreshing green tones as she rediscovered her spiritual freedom through her paintings. While introducing a new self-interactive experience and lifestyle, Ariel endows her art with a more diversified form of expression.

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