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International Art Fairs in Various Countries

We welcome artists who wish to exhibit their work at international art fairs, whether in the 2D fine arts or 3D models for sculpture and installations; we can submit your work to the exhibition organisers for review. We accept five applicants to apply as a group. You will be refunded completely if you do not make it through the screening procedures. The organisers will be in charge of advertising and selling the artwork for the chosen applicants, so the applicants do not need to be physically present during the exhibition. Applicants chosen to exhibit their work will receive media resources, booth space, exhibition opportunities and other benefits from the organisers. This ensures that you can concentrate on your creative work without any distractions.


​Overseas Gallery Exhibition Requisition

Art advisors will select overseas gallery submissions with suitable themes and deadlines for the applicants. International art galleries host numerous on-site exhibitions and website promotions each year. The selected artists will receive prize money for the call for entries and the opportunity to publish a collective exhibition or be represented internationally. There are different types of calls for entries in different media, with different requirements, so we recommend that artists who have not tried it yet give it a try. Those selected for the award will receive a certificate of merit or be allowed to participate in international exhibitions and publications, among others. Recently, there have been a lot of "virtual galleries" or galleries without physical spaces that advertise frequently. The consultant will recommend suitable competitions according to budget. However, kindly refrain from submitting your original creative artwork to "virtual galleries". Exhibitions and shows that do not benefit the artists financially or in terms of sales, recognition and value are not recommended to participate by our consultants.


International Design Award

Design is divided into five areas:1. Visual Communication Design  2. Product/Industrial Design 3. Spatial Design 4. Fashion Design 5. Jewelry Design 

The art consultant will translate, write your portfolio in English, and assist you with the application process, including any follow-up, customer service questions and many more.


International Photography Awards

In the digital age, photography has developed into a speciality art due to the exponential growth of the internet. The International Photography Awards are primarily categorised based on themes, and the competition is fierce. Many non-photography majors are competing for this category award. The art consultant will conduct an interview of your photographic work, compose an English creative concept writing that best expresses your core pursuit, and translate your statement into words and phrases from your perspective so that people from all around the world can understand.


​International Business Collaborations

DE Art Awards LLC can assist artists in searching and connecting commercial resources in particular countries and match your work with pertinent business collaborations. However, the artists must have established a personal website and gained a certain number of followers to register for this service.

If you are interested in this service, please sign up for the art consultation service first so we can better grasp your future goals and ambitions.

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