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「DE Art Agency & Foster Worldwide Future Artist and Designer Star Competition」selection are about to

Remote employment has been the most significant change in the workplace in recent years. The overseas development project of “DE Art Agency” recently signed a talent development agreement with Hong Kong company Foster Worldwide. The agreement enables Taiwanese art and design students and recent graduates to participate in talent recruitment and work remotely with overseas companies in Taiwan. University students or graduates of related areas who possess a high English language proficiency and fall within the target age group of 22 to 35 are eligible to apply. The DE Art Agency’s official website will announce the information on the application procedure and list of requirements.

Talented creators from various countries who have been selected as the “Future Artists and Designer Star” will participate in the short-term, remote overseas internship. Taiwanese artists and designers must pass a preliminary data check and a company review interview. Based on their resume qualities, participants will be associated with startups and businesses that are ranked among Forbes’ 30 under 30 in the US, India, the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, France, the Netherlands, Finland, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Norway, Germany, Vienna, and others.

According to statistics from 104 Job Banks, the annual salaries of artists and designers are much lower compared to other industries. The salary of an artist does not commensurate with their working hours. The competition is tight, and it is also challenging to measure the levels of creativity of art and design talents at work. The “Future Artist and Designer Star” program aims to enhance the career advancement of Taiwan’s artists and designers and to participate in a recruitment program customized to the applicants’ expertise. So that the applicants can find positions and employers that allow them to hone and develop their art and design talents, with the help of this program, college students and graduates can achieve success and bring about the change we want to see in the world!

DE Art Agency founder Ku Chi-Chun said, “The most challenging aspect of the process is to excel outside of the classroom. Artists and designers must take advantage of every opportunity to demonstrate their skills if they want to be recognized by prestige organizations. We want to make a difference and see the world change through our own work. In the future, we anticipate that an increasing number of graduates will apply to our programme.”

Foster Worldwide’s founder said, “Foster Worldwide’s mission is to nurture the next generation of young leaders by providing top-notch career education and virtual internships abroad. As a pioneer in providing virtual overseas internships, we have partnered with more than 170 businesses from over 60 countries and cities to increase the employability of 5,000 young people worldwide. We look forward to collaborating with DE Art Agency to help more gifted Taiwanese artists achieve their goals.”

Our program specializes in drawing services and design services for artists and designers. This course will emphasize various types of creative professionals, such as interface UI UX design, graphic design, illustrators, typography, package design, brand design and others. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for artists to acquire overseas training at a reasonable cost to the products of the training company and enhance their portfolios during the 90-hour training.

The application deadline is 30th January 2023. To pave the way for future artistic careers, students, artists, and designers interested in participating in the programme can obtain the application details, submit the preliminary examination documents, and learn about the company’s job descriptions through the DE Art Agency’s Facebook page.

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